XXVI International Food Exhibition “PETERFOOD” // November 15-17, 2017, St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM
Dear colleagues!
The EXPONENTS registration was closed at 26 October!
Registration for VISITORS at Peterfood exhibition continues until 14 November
Organizer:   КВК «Империя» Phone: +7 (812) 327-49-18
+7 (495) 730-79-06

Условия участия

Дата проведения форума: ноябрь 2015 года
ВАРИАНТ УЧАСТИЯ до 10 ноября Полная стоимость
1 делегат с Центром Закупок Сетей™
(11-12 ноября 2014) включает участие в Форуме с Центром Закупок Сетей, кофе-брейки, ланч, раздаточный материал
46 900р. 54 900р.
2 делегата с Центром Закупок Сетей™
(11-12 ноября 2014) включает участие в Форуме с Центром Закупок Сетей, кофе-брейки, ланч, раздаточный материал
86 900р. 101 900р.
Опции, предусмотренные Премиум участием, высылаются по запросу
99 900р.
Электронная почта
Сфера деятельности

SPONSORSHIP is a way to invest in your business development

When it is done properly, arts sponsorship can be more effective than advertising. To become a sponsor of prestigious exhibition is an opportunity to stand out from other competitors.

If you plan

  • To show that your company is related to the theme of exhibition
  • To reveal competence and professionalism in concrete market segment
  • To demonstrate your company’s management position to new trends in legislation, among other market players
  • To announce start of new program, product or advertising campaign
  • To declare initiative of uniting or establishing
  • To attract attention of investors to your company’s projects
  • To show company’s new image after its rebranding or restyling

Than the exhibition is an exemplary business platform to realize your tasks.

For that the Sponsor gets a priority access to exhibition’s audience through

  • Opportunity to make a speech and take part in business program
  • Exhibition site and e-mailing
  • Printing products
  • Exhibition visual design
  • Special events and campaigns
  • Publications in mass media

While creating sponsorship packages, we always take into consideration company specifics, its tasks and target audience. Based on our reach experience, we compose a unique combination of advertising options and offer a way of how to apply them within the exhibition.

Visitors come to exhibition to find out the most effective decisions and opportunities for their business. Don’t lose a chance to convince them that to cooperate with you is their best choice!

Sponsorship packages:

  • General sponsor
  • Official sponsor
  • Sponsor

We also can offer a special partnership package such as Consulting partner, Sponsor of the Party, official insurance company of the event KPI-partner etc.

Irina Antonovskaya

Head of International Department 
Phone: +7 812 327 49 18
+7 495 730 79 06 (ext. 116)

E-Mail: market@imperiaforum.com