XXVII International Food Exhibition “PETERFOOD” // November 13-15, 2018, St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM
Organizer:   КВК «Империя» Phone: +7 (812) 327-49-18
+7 (495) 730-79-06

Условия участия

Дата проведения форума: ноябрь 2015 года
ВАРИАНТ УЧАСТИЯ до 10 ноября Полная стоимость
1 делегат с Центром Закупок Сетей™
(11-12 ноября 2014) включает участие в Форуме с Центром Закупок Сетей, кофе-брейки, ланч, раздаточный материал
46 900р. 54 900р.
2 делегата с Центром Закупок Сетей™
(11-12 ноября 2014) включает участие в Форуме с Центром Закупок Сетей, кофе-брейки, ланч, раздаточный материал
86 900р. 101 900р.
Опции, предусмотренные Премиум участием, высылаются по запросу
99 900р.
Электронная почта
Сфера деятельности


When to apply for participation in the exhibition?

As earlier as possible! We, as the organizers, try to do our best for convenient preparing for the event. We try to avoid of things that could cause the least possible inconvenience and stress to our clients. Therefore, we recommend to submit your application to participate in the exhibition as soon as possible. That will give you an opportunity:

  • to choose the most favorable location of your booth in the pavilion
  • to proceed all formalities without hurry: to discuss all details and sign a contract, make payment and arrange everything in time
Application dead line: until what time applications are accepted?

Generally, we stop accepting applications 2 weeks before the event.

As a matter of fact, by this time there are no booths with privileged location in the pavilion. Therefore, we would recommend you to apply for participation as early as possible.

What does unequipped space in the application form mean?

For those companies who wish to make their participation in the exhibition bright, extraordinary and vivid, on the one hand, and have an enhanced exhibition budget, on the other hand, we can offer a special option to participate with an independent booth construction (or design). In that case, we provide space only (only a certain place in the exhibition hall). The participants are supposed to build their booths on their own and are allowed to involve their own contractors.  The price is not included in either the walls, no electricity, no carpet, no furniture. It’s necessary to remember to order electrical connection.

What does equipped space in the application form mean?

For maximum convenience of the exhibitors, we provide the option of equipped space. It means a booth, equipped with a full set of equipment, enough to participate in the exhibition at a minimum cost.

Which set of equipment included in the equipped area ?

This is: the walls, carpet, 2 chairs, table, electricity, socket 1.5 kW, fascia panel with company name (up to 10 characters - free), rack, trash can, light-spot (for every 4 square meters).

How can I order additional equipment and when it is better to do it?

You can find additional equipment in the list of additional equipment for the exhibition. Our manager will send it to you. We recommend you to make reservation in advance, because in case of late ordering it may happen we won’t have equipment you have ordered in our stock, or there will be double cost of rent (extra charge 100%).

What is extra charge for the angular or end-face position etc.?

If the ordered booth has the most advantageous position (open from two sides, open from three sides etc.) extra charge applies to the cost of the exhibition area: 10% for the angular position (open from two sides), 15% for the position end-face (open from three sides), 20% for the position of the "island" (open from four sides).

What is included in the registration fee? Is it necessary to pay it?

Registration fee is obligatory and is paid once per company. It includes: accreditation at the exhibition, catalogue, publication of information about the participants in the exhibition catalogue, providing participants with invitations to the exhibition, information package, invitation to the opening Party. We also will invite target audience to visit the booth.

What Is the difference between Economy and Active Networking registration fee?

The registration fee Active Networking in addition to Economy fee includes: product presentation to buyers from 40 networks of St. Petersburg and North-west region of Russia (bypassing the networks), conducting tastings at the booth designed for the networks, participation in the contest "Choice of the Chains”, participation of 1 representative in the "Chains Wholesale Center", direct negotiations with representatives of supply departments of 40 North-west region of Russia networks, participation of 1 representative at the Forum "Trade of the Big City", invitation target audience to visit the booth.

Does the placement of an advertising module about the participant’s company in the catalog mean a text module?

Advertising module in the catalogs is an additional image advertising of the company, provided in graphical format (.cdr, .eps, and others) and placed on a separate page of the catalog. Depending on the cost it can be in color or black and white.

What are the requirements for advertising modules?

Download the standard requirements for the advertising module

How does your company attract visitors to the exhibition?

Our company is an organizer of exhibitions and conferences in practically all fields of the economy. More than that we created the vast and updated database of all existing enterprises. The main way to attract visitors is often to send target invitations to those companies that could be potential visitors of the exhibition.

To maintain, testing and support our database, as well as to form the lists of potential visitors we have a special department. To attract visitors, we use telemarketing, emails, SMS notifications, express delivery of letters and invitations. Moreover, we use electronic media, as well as banners, posters and billboards in the streets and audio advertising in the subway.

Our professional PR-team regularly publishes different press releases about the events, which also contributes to additional advertising activities.

Download reference about advertising

What are the requirements to the text description for the catalogue?

Text description of the company for the official catalog of the exhibition must be provided on the base of template.

Download a template

When text description should be presented?

Deadline for submitting the descriptions for the catalog is October 20, 2016.

But usually we recommend participants to provide the description as soon as possible, right after submitting the application. This will help to avoid misunderstandings later and make a translation, if it is needed.

Who should complete the application form if one company participates but the other pays for the participation?

In this case, please fill in the application form on the payer, indicating the name of the participating company in brackets.

Do I have to put a stamp and signature of the director in the application form?

Yes, the stamp and signature of the director are required in the application form.

What happens after sending you the application form?

Once we get a completed application form (signed and with a stamp), it is get registered in our system. Then the selected location of the booth in the pavilion is considered and is temporarily reserved for your company (before we get the first payment for participation). After receiving the payment, the booth is reserved for your company for the duration of the exhibition.

Do you conclude contracts with the participants?

The contract is required. We kindly ask you to send us your company’s details along with the application form (in electronic form in editable format) to accelerate the contract formation.

In what currency can we pay?

We accept payment in Russian Rubles, Euro and US Dollars.

Do you provide the originals of accounting documents, contracts? When is possible to get them?

Participants can receive the original contracts and accounting documents organizers at the exhibition. On this issue, you can always contact the organizers directly at the stand in the exhibition hall.


Do you provide tickets for distribution through our customers/partners?

Yes, we do.

Usually, to receive invitations and newsletters, our participants use electronic version of the invitation.


If you need printed invitations, we will be happy to provide you with them. You just have to contact the exhibition manager.

Also we can send invitations through your database, inviting them to visit your booth. Additional info can be provided by the exhibition manager.

In addition to participating with a booth, what are the other forms of participation in the event?

For companies wishing to exploit the commercial potential of the exhibition and to get the maximum effect from participating, the we have created a number of additional opportunities, such as:

  • Forum Trade of the Big City
  • Chains Wholesale Center
  • Our Brand Competition
  • Innovative Product Competition

As well as conducting seminars, master-classes, banner placement on the event website, sponsorship of events and individual options. For more information, please contact the exhibition manager.

What is the Remote participation in the exhibition?

Indirect participation in the exhibition includes placement of information about your company (up to 500 characters) in the exhibition catalogue, catalogue and accreditation of 1 participant.

2. Travel arrangements and delivery

Do you have a list of recommended hotels and any special offers on accommodation for participants?

Yes, we have. For the convenience of participants and in order to reduce costs for exhibition, we conclude contract with the major city hotels to get very special discount rates for our exhibitors. Please refer to your exhibition manager for more information or contact our official tour operator. They will provide you with discount hotel offer and free morning transfers from the hotels to the exhibition

"IMPERIA Tour": phone: +7 812 448 66 27, expo@imperiatourism.ru

www.imperiatourism.ru .

To whom you recommend to address if we need to deliver things for the exhibition from another city or state?

We recommend to contact the official forwarder of Expoforum - Company "Panbaltservis" http://www.pan-baltservice.ru

If we need to unload the exhibits/materials into pavilion, who can help us?

We recommend you to contact the official forwarder of Expoforum - Company "Panbaltservis" http://www.pan-baltservice.ru


We ordered unequipped area and we would like to involve external company-builder, who can you recommend?

We can recommend you the official Expoforum builder - LLC "Eph design" www.ef-design.ru or the Company "Grit"+ 7812325 62 45, +7 911 916 67 24

Should I accredit external company-builder in the pavilion? Whom should I contact then?

Yes, accreditation is necessary for any external organizations. It should be done before the installation work will start. Regardless of whether it's a professional builder or the exhibitor company itself constructs its own booth, all them need accreditation.

To learn details of the procedure and the timing, please follow the link: http://www.ef-design.ru/tech-control/

When can the builder start construction of the booth?

According to conditions established by the organizers of the exhibition (dates of installation and dismantling).

Do the builder workers need badges?

Yes, they do. After passing the accreditation of everyone involved in the installation, workers are admitted to the pavilion with the mounting badges (according to the list of accredited persons involved).

We ordered equipped space. When can we come to the pavilion to design our booth?

Participants, who ordered equipped area, are allowed to enter the pavilion one day before the exhibition opening. You can take your booth from 14:00 to 20:00.

Since when security protects the exhibits? Can I leave valuables or equipment at the booth at the arrival day?

On the day of arrival pavilion protection officially starts at 22:00. Until that time, leave valuables unattended at the booth is not recommended because security is not responsible for them.


How does the security work during the exhibition?

During the exhibition the protection of exhibits is carried out at the night time from 19:00 to 9:00. During business hours (9:00 to 19:00) security is carried out only to keep order in the pavilion, and the exhibitors themselves are responsible for the safety of their personal belongings at the booth.

Since when the pavilions are open for visitors?

Access to the pavilions for exhibitors is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00. Visitors admission from 10:00 to 18:00.

Where can I find the manager / coordinator / technical manager during the exhibition?

For your convenience, we are constantly in the exhibition hall. You can always find a manager / coordinator / technical manager or representative of the Imperia Company directly at the booth of the Directorate, which is open every day, including the day of arrival, from 9:00 to 19:00. Directorate’s booth can be easily found on the plan of the exhibition hall. Also feel free to ask any question at the front desk.

How do we register participants who will work at the booth?

In order to register participants who will work at the booth during the exhibition days and to get badges for them, you should complete a special form and send it us by e-mail. In that form it’s necessary to indicate participants who will work at the stand.

Where and when can we get our badges?

You can get the exhibitors’ badges at the front desk of the exhibition during all days of installation and exhibition.

Where and when can we get exhibition catalogues?

Catalogues will be delivered directly to your booth on the first day of the exhibition.

Until what time is it necessary to stay at the booth on the last day of the exhibition?

On the last day the exhibition is open until 17:00. We encourage all participants to stay at their booths until 17:00, because mounting the gate will not be opened earlier, loading and unloading operations are prohibited until exhibition is over, and transportation of the exhibits is impossible.

Why did the organizers recommend to apply for an exhibition next year directly at the event?

We recommend you to apply for the next year exhibition directly at the event in order to keep your company’s current location of the booth (at about 40% of the area for the following year can be booked directly at the exhibition), pre-select the best location, as well getting a discount on exhibition space.