XXVII International Food Exhibition “PETERFOOD” // November 13-15, 2018, St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM
Organizer:   КВК «Империя» Phone: +7 (812) 327-49-18
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Дата проведения форума: ноябрь 2015 года
ВАРИАНТ УЧАСТИЯ до 10 ноября Полная стоимость
1 делегат с Центром Закупок Сетей™
(11-12 ноября 2014) включает участие в Форуме с Центром Закупок Сетей, кофе-брейки, ланч, раздаточный материал
46 900р. 54 900р.
2 делегата с Центром Закупок Сетей™
(11-12 ноября 2014) включает участие в Форуме с Центром Закупок Сетей, кофе-брейки, ланч, раздаточный материал
86 900р. 101 900р.
Опции, предусмотренные Премиум участием, высылаются по запросу
99 900р.
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Answers to frequently asked questions for the new participantes on Chains’ Wholesale Center:

  1. Retailers regularly overstay payment, create unacceptable conditions for cooperation, require great introductory bonuses etc. What can we do with it?

There are no more than 20% of such retail chains on the Russian market. In order to work successfully with the other 80%, you need to understand the basic principles of working with retail chains and be ready for the right negotiations. These issues are covered in the Forum business program, within which the Chains' Wholesale Center is held. You will learn solutions by successful providers, offers from the retail chains, as well answers on the most difficult questions from the best Russian experts in working with retail buyers.

  1. Will we be able to conduct negotiations with all retail chains in few hours when there are so many participants?

According to statistics, one delegate can conduct 20-30 negotiations during that time. Your task is to choose the retail chains you are interested in, and make a preliminary appointment to negotiate with them. If so, we guarantee that you will have enough time to talk to everyone. If you still need to cover a greater number of retail chains, you should better to accredit the second participant (in this case, there are special discounts), as two people can do double job!

  1. Will all registered retail chains come?

All retailers, we declared at the Chains' Wholesale Center, send us an official confirmation of participation. Generally, up to 5-7% of retail chains сan cancel their participation by reason of Force Majeure and they could be replaced. All the others participate in the negotiations.

  1. Can you guarantee that I will conclude a supply agreement with the retail chains during negotiations?

We provide you with business negotiations with the retail chains’s buyer, interested in supplying. Your task is to make a right choice of retail chains and prepare an attractive offer. According to statistics, 50% of negotiations are successful, 20% of them will lead to the conclusion of a contract with the retail chains in the future. So, if you make a good offer to 10 retail chains, 5 of them usually agree on delivery.

  1. Will buyers exactly for my product category participate in negotiations at the Chains’ Wholesale Center?

Most participants from the retail chains take leading positions in their companies and are able to solve questions on all products categories.

  1. Why participation in the Chains' Wholesale Center costs so much?

Do you think so? Then let’s imagine the cost of travel of 200 buyers from across the country; several months of hard preliminary work on arranging business meetings, organizational expenses, expenses for rent of the conference hall, meals, banquets etc.? All bear all those expenses. As it’s not the cost, what is the main thing for us but your profit is. Frankly, only one supply contract with the retail chains will provide income in hundreds of times greater than the sum of registration fee in Chains' Wholesale Center.

  1. Why do I need to participate in the Own Trade Mark Tender?

If manufacturer produce products for the retail retail chains under their Private Labels (or their Own Trade Marks) it means that retail chains made their choice of manufacture because considered this manufacturer to be the best one among others. For the manufacturer it’s the highest achievement, like aerobatics for a skilled pilot. Producing products under the retail chains’s brand means long-term contract with for manufacturer, marketing support and optimum capacity utilization. In addition, the presence of products under the private label on the retail chains shelves strengthens the position of manufacturer’s own products under the brand name of the company.

  1. What for those retail chains for me? My company is not large enough, I live in the region where there is no any retail chain at all. I content with my minimum profit.

Yes, you are completely right, you don’t need to participate in the CWC :-)

  1. Do those who make decisions about sales really take part in the CWC?

Yes, they do. We invite to negotiate with suppliers only those managers of the retail chains who make decisions. We placed their titles as follow: 

Proportion of the total number of participants, %