XXVII International Food Exhibition PETERFOOD // November 13-15, 2018, St. Petersburg, EXPOFORUM
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: 2015
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About the exhibition
Chains’ Wholesale Centre™
Active Chains Sales
Directors Cocktail
Annually 150-200 exhibiting-companies, more than 6000 trade visitors, 100 buyers from 40 leading regional and federal retail chains, 600 regional wholesalers take part in the exhibition
St. Petersburg is the 2nd largest city in Russia. In the city - the highest share of chain trade in Russia (more than 80%, this is an indicator at the average European level).
Peterfood is the only exhibition in the country where buyers from retail chains and regional wholesalers make organized visits to exhibitors booths. How do we do it?
Who is involved
In the North-West region, food and beverage products are needed in more than 20 categories. Manufacturers and distributors of the following goods are invited.
There is no analogue in Russia in this kind of format which allows entering into retail chains. An integrated program of activities for contracting both chains and other strategic purchasers of the region
Manufacturers, distributors and retail chains (many of which participate in the exhibition, not for the first year) more on how many negotiations were held at the booths and at the Chains Wholesale Centre and on the results that were achieved by participation in the exhibition
Fill out the form and we will contact you and help you to find the best place, reserve your booth
In 2017, the exhibition was visited by 30% more professional visitors. The booths were visited by purchasers from all 40 leading retail chains of the region and more than 100 large wholesalers of the North-West Federal District
Exhibition Mission-
The shortest way for a supplier to the shelves of 50 Northwestern retail chains.
«Peterfood» is the only exhibition in the country that provides exhibitors with guaranteed contact with retailers and wholesalers directly at the booths.
Purpose of the exhibition
Ensure maximum of supply agreements between food manufacturers and purchasers of 50 leading retail chains and 100 largest wholesalers in the North-West region.
The exhibition is supported by
Peterfood for more than 7 years is supported by METRO Cash & Carry, and is also a priority exhibition of the Government of St. Petersburg.
PYATEROCHKA - the constant participant of the program Active Chains Sales at the exhibition Peterfood

The first day at the exposition

Exhibition opening ceremony
Statistics of 2017:
Main indicators of the exhibition Peterfood-2017
  • 6 000professional visitors
  • 200delegates of the Forum Big City Trade
  • 200+ exhibitors from 20 countries
  • more than 200 buyers from 50 retail chains and 100 wholesale distributors
  • 125 winners of nominations for manufacturers
  • Over 700 participants of the Open Seminars
Advantages of the Region
St. Petersburg is the 2nd largest city in Russia with highest share of retail trade in Russia (more than 80%, this is indicator on average European level).

In addition, important advantage of the region for potential exhibitors is the largest container terminal in Russia – the Sea Port-Hub of St. Petersburg.
Exhibition Peterfood is the only exhibition that guarantees exhibitors visits of their booths by the buyers of 50 retail chains, as well as 100 wholesalers, chain restaurants and hotels.

Visit of X5 Retail Group to the exhibitors' booths within the framework of the Active Chains Sales program

Buyers from Magnit chain at exhibitors' booths within the framework of the Active Chains Sales program

Head of the supply and logistics department of the Auchan chain at the booth of the exhibitor of the exhibition Peterfood
For this, take part in the special program Active Chains Sales! For 27 years of history, the organizers of the exhibition have accumulated the unique base of professional buyers - annually attending the exhibition, this are:
  • 50 leading regional, local and federal retail chains operating in the North-West
  • TOP-100 wholesale and distribution companies of St. Petersburg and the North-Western Federal District
  • Buyers and chefs of 30 chain restaurants and hotels in the North-West region
Accompanied by the coordinator, the buyers will come to your booth to get acquainted, taste the products and invite you to continue negotiations at the Chains Wholesale Centre. Your main advantage is the negotiations at your own booth - on your own territory, where you can present your products in the profitable view and memorize the products to buyers.
Participants of the exhibition
Annually, 200 exhibiting companies, 6000 professional visitors, more than 100 buyers from all leading regional and federal retail chains, 600 regional wholesalers and distributors, 150-200 delegates of the Petersburg Food Forum participate in the exhibition annually.

As a rule, the booths in the exhibition attended by delegations from more than 10 countries around the world

The commercial director of the Real chain tastes the products at the booth of the exhibitor

PRISMA retail buyers visited the exponential booths within the framework of the program Active ChainSales Program

Representative of X5 Retail Group
at exhibitor booth
Thematic exhibition sections:

Meat and meat products.
Meat gastronomy

Poultry Egg

and seafood

Confectionery products.
Snacks, nuts,
dried fruits

Milk products.

(cereals, pasta, spices))

Tea. Coffee. Cocoa

Frozen food.
Semifinished products

Oil and fat group

Juices. Water.
Soft drinks

Vegetables. Fruits


Alcoholic beverages

Healthy food.
Baby food

Ready meals.


Salon of attendant equipment. Peterfood Tech
Business program
Meet the buyers of 50 retail chains and 100 regional wholesalers and favorably present them your product right on your booth. Program Active ChainSales Program Receive strategic information for supply to retail chains for 2019. Food Forum Big City Trade, Exhibition and Conference Non- Commercial Purchases in Retail chains
Agree on the delivery of your products to 50 retail chains. Chains Wholesale Centre and the Center of Non-commercial Purchases Receive confirmation of the high quality of your products. Competitions Chains Choice, Our Brand, Innovative Product
Receive tools for working with retailers. Open workshops and seminars, as well as a special course on working with retail chains for visitors to the food market specialists from the Stars of Russian Consulting Turn your business contacts into friendships. At theater buffet for retail chain buyers, exhibitors and delegates of the Forum Big City Trade

In Chains Wholesale Centre annually are held more than
4,500 negotiations on supply of goods in retail chains

Retail buyers are guaranteed to visit the exhibitors
booth within the program Active Chain Sales

Forum Trade of the Big City
Chains' Wholesale Centre North-West
Discuss specific actions to contract with retailers who are interested in your product range.
For 2 days you will be able to conduct from 40 to 60 negotiations with more than 100 buyers from 50 retail chains.

The ChainsWholesale Centre annually conducts more than 4,500 negotiations on the supply to retail chains

Negotiations with Dixy retailer in the Chains Wholesale Centre North-West

Negotiations with Auchan retailer in the ChainsWholesale Centre North-West

Negotiations with Chain Lenta

Negotiations with the chain of O'Key

Negotiations with Pyaterochka (X5 Retail Group)

Negotiations with METRO C&C
Retail chains - permanent participants of the exhibition Peterfood
We are looking for new products that have not been on the market yet, our goal was achieved - many local manufacturers came to us. The for- mat of the Chains' Wholesale Center is very convenient, because in a few hours you can meet with a large number of suppliers Tatiana Lebedeva and Natalya Pryakhina, Dixy retail
Participating in the CWC not for the first time, we pursue one goal - to expand the list of suppliers. These are regional suppliers, which can not always be found quickly. I may say for sure that we have found partners among our suppliers at past CWC Olga Novikova, BILLA retail
Each time we conclude more than 10 contracts with suppliers. Even if you are already working with the retailer, it is worthwhile to come again. The negotiations are getting faster and more effective Victor Sidorov, RING retail
We are grateful for the excellent organization and efficient, convenient format of the Chains' Wholesale Center. Negotiations brought excellent results: 30% of them allowed to negotiate real contracts, 10% get more favorable offers on existing contracts Tatyana Antonova, Euroshop retail
We have repeatedly participated in the exhibition and in the Chains Wholesale Centre. This format has confirmed its effectiveness, especial- ly for us. Many of the retailers with which we are currently working have signed contracts with us here. Almost all buyers who participate in the Chains' Wholesale Centre come to us, are interested in products, receive samples and leave an opinion about our products. Nikita Ovcharov, NIKA
We participate for the first time and we really like it, a lot of interesting people and specialists. There are several really interesting buyers, with whom we will continue negotiations after the exhibition and we think that everything turns out well. Julia, Pokrovsky delicacies
The second day of the exhibition was rather brisk. The booth was vis- ited by a number of retalers: from “Magnit” to X5 Retail. Practically with each buyer there were lively discussions and negotiations. There are a numbers of distributors with whom agreements will be signed on Monday. Lyagaev Alexey, Orsha Meat-Cannery
We are participating in the exhibition for the 9th year already. This is very useful and interesting, because we can meet with companies, retailers and big stores with has interest to us, where we would like to place our products and get from them the information and requirements that they put forward to the supplier. This exhibition is different from others, by providing new interesting contacts. Victoria Dittus Trading House Zakharovskie Products
See feedback from participants

Registration for participation
Participation in the exhibition Peterfood - the best opportunity to start or expand the supply to the food market of St. Petersburg and the North-West of Russia
Place and date
19-21 November 2019 EXPOFORUM (EXPOFORUM) St. Petersburg, Peterburgskoe shosse 64/1
How it was in 2017
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Active Chains Sales
XVII All-Russian Forum Big City Trade - 2017
Chains Wholesale Centre
II All-Russian Business Forum Supplier of Equipment and Services in the North-West for chains
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